About Us

LocalCashGuide.com is a non-profit website aimed at helping people learn more about payday lending legislation and how to make the most of various cash advances.

State Laws And More

The law is different in every state, with some states having really unique laws and regulations. Those get updated quite often, as the government realizes that payday lending is too big of a financial instrument to be taken lightly.

Some laws protect you, and some laws can put you in jail. Our job is to help you know them all, so you have less chances of getting into financial and legal trouble.

The Advice You Need

Payday loans can get tricky. We help you be smart and only agree to terms that are good.

Every time you sign under a payday loan contract with you lender, you are automatically signing under all the laws that are present in the state. If some law or a regulation is violated in the contract, you are at risk of not receiving any protection from the government in case you can’t pay.

Alternative Financing Options

Here, at LocalCashguide.com, we help you make quick informed decisions. Those are not always connected with payday loans, as there might be other financial instruments worth checking out.

We present you with those and help you decide which fits your purpose best.

Why Trust LocalCashGuide.com?

People trust us because we deliver up-to-date information and specialist advice on how to avoid grey-market deals and how to come out as a winner in this tricky payday lending game.

We also work to make sure that there are as many informed customers as possible. All consumers are supposed to know what the law is in their state. If they don’t, it is quite likely that they will be scammed. The grey market is big, and there are plenty untrustworthy lenders operating all throughout the country.

You stay away from them, LocalCashGuide tells you!