Majorca – an island of fairy tales houses

Majorca is a fairy tale island in the Mediterranean, with a warm and mild climate, old history, and a very relaxing atmosphere. Spending your vacation here, or simply going to Majorca for a couple of days in the sun, is refreshing and gives you a boost of energy for the months to come. So, it is not surprising that real estate property in Majorca is gaining more and more popularity each day

Majorca real estate price range

Despite its supreme location and a very impressive choice of real estate properties for sale, the price is usually much lower than one can expect. One of the fullest lists of Majorca houses for sale, with pictures and prices, can be seen below

As you can see, a real castle will cost you almost 20 million euro:

However, it is at the same time possible to find a nice and cozy cottage at 225 000 Euro or even less:

In other words, the price range is highly democratic and can easily meet any customer’s demands, without any significant damage to his/her wallet.

Property types in Majorca

Plenty of houses are sold in Majorca almost every day. So, if you are thinking of buying some property, the only thing you have to do is to choose between:

  • Luxury villas, that can cost up to 20 million

  • Villas, somewhere in the middle of property price range

  • Country houses, starting at just a hundred thousands euro   

Hope to see you in the warm Majorca sun soon!  

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