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Payday Loans in Arkansas State

arkansas capitol Starting 2008, you will not be able to find any payday advance loans in Arkansas. The government has methodically outlawed them, and they are virtually non-existent as of right now.

However, this only means that if you are walking in the street, you won’t find any payday lender along the way. There are plenty of alternatives though, and all of them can get you the money you need for a payday loan-like period of time (i.e. two to four weeks.)

There is a government-set restriction on small loan interest rates though. A small loan cannot be costlier than 17% APR.

What Are The Alternatives

Even though payday loans in Arkansas are outlawed, you can still get a payday loan on the Internet or get a small unsecured loan from a local lender of yours. What makes a payday loan a payday loan, you will ask?

It’s three-digit interest rates (they average around 300% to 700% per year) and lender’s access to your bank account. After all, if you get a short-lived loan, the lender needs to be granted access to your funds, so that they can collect the debt at a later date (just like it would be done with traditional Arkansas payday loans that you would get in the streets.)

How To Get a Cash Advance In Arkansas

You best bet would be to get a cash advance from your employer. States that have payday loans outlawed also generally house understanding employers that are more willing to accommodate their employees’ cash advance requests. All you would need to do is explain the situation.

As a result of government regulation, it is really hard to find a traditional payday advance in Arkansas, no matter how far you go from the city. After all, it’s illegal. That’s why payday lending has been shifting online. payday lender

In Arkansas, you could get some money online, which is both really dangerous and convenient. Probably more dangerous though, as all you would need to do is input your bank account details so that the lender can collect your debt at some time in the future. Such practices are not welcomed by the government, and you have to be really careful if dealing with an online payday lender.

Where To Complain

There is a constitutional limit of 17 per cent per year (small loans) that no lender in 

Arkansas can charge above. If you did get charged more, it is very likely that you will not have to pay back, once you complain. And if that’s the case, you should complain.

If you have something to report pertaining to payday advances, you should contact the office of the Arkansas Attorney General.

The exact address is:

323 Center St., suite 200

Little Rock, Arkansas


You can phone the office at 501-682-2007. Alternatively, you can file a complaint online, as it usually done in most states.