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Legal status Statutory citation Maximum loan amount Maximum loan term Fees and charges Complaints
Legal Nev. Rev. Stat. 604A.010 et seq 25% of approx. gross monthly income 35 days Not Specified

Nevada Financial Institutions Division, (702) 486-4120, website

EZ Money

1241 N Boulder Hwy, NV, Henderson

(702) 565-2235

Discount Financial

580 E Windmill Ln, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 625-8831

On Call Cash

On Call Cash

7626 Westcliff Dr, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 487-7669

Check City

2475 S Jones Blvd, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 748-8654

Check City

6510 N Buffalo Dr, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 763-6874

My Money Partners

311 E Warm Springs Rd Ste 100, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 589-3600

Title Max

6450 W Lake Mead Blvd # 150, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 638-2292


9555 S Eastern Ave # 260, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 269-4782

Title Max

3810 Blue Diamond Rd, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 361-2707

Title Loan

1532 N Jones Blvd, NV, Las Vegas

(702) 631-2274

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Payday Loans In Nevada State

Nevada State Flag When it comes to payday loans, Nevada state government is quite lenient in a sense that a lot is left to the lender and the borrower to decide.

All throughout the state, it is up to you and the lender to decide how much the loan is going to cost and for how long it is going to last.

Careful! Payday advance loans may cost anywhere in between 300% and 700% APR. Those are really high interest rates, and if you are getting a cash advance in Nevada with a purpose to have fun, don't forget how much it is going to cost you.

  • The loan amount may not exceed 25% of your approximate gross monthly income. You would have to show some evidence of your income to your local lender. Otherwise, there would be no way to estimate the maximum loan amount.
  • The state law does not specify whether rollovers are allowed. However, it says that lenders cannot extend the payment period to beyond 60 days.
  • The fees you are charged can go really high. This is all because there is no state-wide limit on the APR you can be charged. Whatever you agree to in writing(!) is going to be final. If the interest rate you are charged is higher than 600% APR though, watch out. 500% is already considered high.
  • Your payday lender must be licensed by the state. That's a requirement. If they are not licensed, it would be illegal for them to loan you any money, same as it would be illegal for you to loan any money from them.

What If You Don't Have Money

You could be charged two insufficient funds fees and one closed account fee (if applicable.) There is also a $25.00 fee for a dishonored check. 
payday loans complaints

Criminal procedures against debtors are outlawed, though this doesn't mean that debtors with no money are fully protected.

Be Safe

Nevada payday loans are costly. Even more so if you don't have much experience with payday lending. Payday loans in Nevada state will get you the money, but they will also get you into quite a debt. Since interest rates are high and government intervention is minimal, it is your responsibility to not get yourself bad payday lending terms.

Where To Complain

If you are having difficulties with payday loans in NV, if your rights were abused in some way, or if you would like to report a lender, you should contact the Nevada Financial Institutions Division.

You can file a complaint right on their website. It is really easy too, as the complaint form is available in .pdf format.